Aerodynamic Optimisation

Did you know that aerodynamic drag contributes up to 90% of the resistance a cyclist has to overcome? Aerodynamic drag is a function of many factors including the drag coefficient, frontal area, fluid viscosity, and relative velocity. In cycling, athletes concern themselves mostly with optimising the factors that can be manipulated such as the frontal area (i.e., object size) and the drag coefficient (i.e., object profile) — commonly referred to as the CdA.

As an example, a reduction in CdA of 5% can result in upwards of a 60 second saving over a distance of 40 km!

Aero 1Aero 2

At Elbows Akimbo, our area measurement software allows us to focus on the most important and ‘easiest to manipulate’ aspect of the CdA equation – frontal area reduction. In fact, we can provide an effective, accessible and affordable alternative to wind tunnel and velodrome testing.  The software allows us to test various positions, while maintaining a proper biomechanically efficient position, to minimise your frontal area and find the lowest possible drag.

Our aerodynamic optimisation service is offered as an addition to our Pro and Standard Bike Fitting services – please refer to our bike fitting webpage for more information and pricing.

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