Bike Builds & Component Installation

Today, more than ever, the world is an international marketplace with shopping online for anything and everything now commonplace. Consequently, sales in the bike industry via the internet have exploded over the past ten years.

If you don’t have the time to build a bike from scratch, or aren’t comfortable installing a group set or individual components you’ve bought on-line, Elbows Akimbo will happily do it for you . And, just as with our bike servicing we use only the best quality, specialty products and tools during the installation process to ensure that your bike runs smoothly and quietly.

Bike Servicing Adelaide

Bike Builds & Component Installation Pricing

We’ll install just about anything. If you don’t find a price listed for the service you require, please contact us to arrange a quote.

Complete Bike Build Gruppo Levers
Mechanical / Electronic P.O.A Mechanical / Electronic $150 Mechanical / Electronic lever set $75 (inc. drive chain & brake adjust)
Derailleur & Brakes Chain & Cassette BB & Chainset
Front derailleur $35 (inc. drive chain adjust) Chain $15 Bottom bracket w or w/o chainset $40
Rear derailleur $40 (inc. drive chain adjust) Cassette $15 Chainrings $20
Brake set $40
Brake pads (pair) $10
Headset & Cockpit Wheels & Tyres Other
Headset $35 Clincher tyre $15 Seat post $15
Bar tape or grips $15 Tubular tyre $30 – $45 Seat $10
Handlebars $40 Freewheel hub body $30 Computer/GPS $15 – $20
Stem $15 Front wheel bearings $30 Pedals $10
Rear wheel bearings $45 (inc. freehub body overhaul) Lights / pumps / bottle cages $10
Fit wheel set $50 (inc. drive chain & brake adjust)

Please contact us on 0427 820 256 or to make an enquiry and/or booking.