Bike Fit Pricing

Elbows Akimbo Dynamic Bike Fits are suitable for riders of all levels, and we provide fitting services for road, time trial (including UCI legal), triathlon and cyclocross. In addition we provide a range of services to meet your budget and needs. Please note that the fit package selected can be upgraded or downgraded on the day depending on what we find during the bike fit assessment.

Dynamic Bike Fit Packages
Basic Bike Fit – $225* Standard Bike Fit – $295 Pro Bike Fit – $375
Rider profile/interview Rider profile/interview Rider profile/interview
Basic musculoskeletal assessment Advanced musculoskeletal assessment Advanced musculoskeletal assessment
2D motion capture (single plane) 3D & 2D motion capture 3D & 2D motion capture
Saddle pressure mapping Saddle pressure mapping Saddle pressure mapping
Equipment changes Equipment changes Plantar (foot) pressure mapping
Bike set-up measurements Exercise prescription & instruction Electromyography
Bike set-up measurements Equipment changes
Exercise prescription & instruction
Bike set-up measurements
Additional Bike – $150 to $195** Follow-Up Fit – $95 to $150*** Frame Sizing & Component  Selection – $150
Analysis as required Analysis as required Frame size/geometry specification
Cockpit size/style specification
*This service is only available for road, MTB and cyclocross bikes (excludes TRI and TT)
**If the additional bike is the same type as the one from the initial fit (i.e. another road bike) then a fee of $150 will apply, however if it is a different type (i.e the initial fit was on a road bike and the additional fit is a TRI bike) then a fee of $195 applies.
***A discounted fee of $95 applies for follow-up fits undertaken within 3 months of the initial fit.

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