Bike Service Tech

Although bike technology has come a long way, it’s still advancing at a rapid rate. New materials and advances in the way they’re used, a proliferation of bottom bracket and headset standards, and a diversity of wheel and component systems designed to push the envelope in terms of lightness, stiffness and aerodynamics, are just the tip of the iceberg.

Likewise, the products, tools and techniques employed for bike servicing must be state-of-the-art to ensure that these highly technical and sometimes fragile bikes are safely maintained and in top working condition.

And that’s why Elbows Akimbo won’t cut corners.

Our workshop features the latest state-of-the-art tools from the world’s leading manufacturers and is complemented with only the best quality cleaners, degreasers and lubes for each specific application.

Here are some examples of the extent we’ll go to ensure our bike service is second-to-none.

Bike Servicing Adelaide

Greases and Pastes

We use a number of different types of greases and pastes depending on the application. And, rather than buying re-branded greases from bike specific vendors, we source our products direct from one of the world’s leading lubricant manufacturer, FUCHS. This means that we can select the best possible, highest quality compound for each specific application.

  • Renolit Anti-Seize Paste: A special blend of molybdenum disulphide in a grease-type carrier this product is used exclusively for the coating of the interface between bottom bracket cups and frame shells (threads & press fit). Provides maximum protection against corrosion and minimises the occurrence of creaking.
  • Gleitmo 805: Is a high performance grease paste for long-term lubrication under extreme conditions and for general assembly. It is water-resistant, withstands extreme pressures, prevents fretting corrosion and has low coefficients of friction. Ideal for the coating of bearing shells and cups as well non-bearing moving parts, this product is used for the assembly of bottom brackets and headsets, and the lubrication of lever internals.
  • Urethyn E/M2: This white grease is ideal for use in bearing applications where there is a need to eliminate friction, maximise smoothness and provide protection from wear and tear.


Used in limited applications we select from a variety of thread locking and retaining compounds.

  • Thread Locking: Depending on the application and manufacturers specifications we use either Loctite 222, 290 or 243. Applications include: spoke nipple threads and front & rear brake bolts as well as some other very specific applications such as the lockring threads on Specialized S-Works Carbon Cranks.
  • Retaining: Some manufacturers are now specifying the use of retaining compounds to augment bottom bracket press fit bearings and cups. We prime the contact surfaces with Loctite 7649 before applying a coating of either Loctite 641 or 609.


For lubricating chains, we use own custom blended product — Elbows Akimbo Chain Lube Elixir — developed from years of experience servicing drive chains. This high quality paraffin and silicone based lube is designed for road bike use in either wet or dry conditions. Our unique formula penetrates deep between the rollers and pins on your drive chain flushing out dirt and old lubricates. Elbows Akimbo Chain Lube Elixir dries to a clean, thin protective film that repels dirt and water.

On external moving parts such as derailleurs and brakes, we use Boeshield T-9 Waterproof Dry Lubricate. Developed by The Boeing Company, it provides best-in-class dry lubrication and protection of parts.

Cleaning & Degreasing

Keeping your bike clean and components free from contaminates such as grit will keep it running smoothly and prolong component life as well as looking immaculate. Our Standard and Premium Bike Service Packages include a thorough bike wash, polish and drive chain degrease. The products and processes we use have been carefully selected to ensure that grease is not stripped from critical areas and frame and component finishes are protected.

We firstly remove and degrease all drive chain components in a small parts washer to remove all traces of contaminants. The stripped down frame and wheels are then cleaned in our outdoor bike wash station using a pH neutral soap and low-pressure water rinsing. After it’s washed, your bike is hand dried and spot cleaned before giving it a protective polish coating.

Your bike is then reassembled using the appropriate assembly compounds to ensure that the ride is smooth and critical interfaces and bearings protected from corrosion. We also soak your degreased chain in Elbows Akimbo Chain Lube Elixir and allow it to dry before it’s re-installed.

Di2 Diagnostics and Programming

The Shimano E-Tube Project software and diagnostics box allows us to perform a range of functions to maintain and tune your Di2 drive chain, including: shift programming; component fault diagnostics; and updating component firmware.

Bike Servicing Adelaide


We stock a range of high quality tools from leading tool manufacturers to cater for all modern bike standards as well as to ensure no parts are damaged during service and ensure tolerances are maintained within manufacturer’s specifications.

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