Appropriate nutrition before, during and after training or a sporting event can improve the comfort, energy and performance of athletes of all levels, from elite to recreational, as well as providing long-term health benefits. At Elbows Akimbo, we understand this difference. That’s why our Standard and Pro Coaching packages include an evidence-based approach on what to eat and when.

Our nutritional plans are periodised to meet your daily macro (protein, carbohydrate and fat) and micro (calcium, iron, and vitamins etc.) nutrient needs to ensure that energy intake and lean muscle mass are maintained at appropriate levels.  We’ll also monitor your body composition using a combination of skin-fold measurement and DEXA scans to ensure that your body fat is in a safe but competitive range.

In addition, we also provide evidence-based suggestions on the types of foods and supplements to consume, pre/post and during exercise to maximise recovery and performance as well as promote overall health outcomes. This includes the appropriate use of ergogenic aids such as dietary nitrate, beta-alanine, sodium bi-carbonate and caffeine.

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